Engage, Educate, Empower

Assimilated Strategy Group goal is to engage, educate and empower Members to utilize proven solutions that will save them time and money. By focusing Members on health services, financial education, caregiving resources and holistic wellness, we are able to move them to a better total well-being and a more ideal employee.

Our success speaks for itself as we provide increased utilization, engagement and employee satisfaction. Combining a thorough implementation process, on-going communication strategy and ease-of-administration we provide a package that is seen as a valuable benefit to current and potential new employees.

We know the industry with decades of insurance, wellness and engagement experience. Our personal approach is simple: Work with you, Work for you and Work to make your benefits better.

We integrate our solutions to provide maximum value and manage the process to ensure the greatest return on investment, ease of implementation and continuous superior service.



ASG provides valuable resources that help you you save time and money when health, care-giving and wellness events arise. Our goals is to engage and educate you and them empower you to make meaningful decisions that make you better consumer and improve your overall well-being.



Core benefits and incentives attract employees. Employers desire resources and assistance that engage, educate and employer them to make better life decisions. ASG helps employers provide the proven resources that improve populations overall well-being and reduce costs.



ASG provides proven cost saving and well-being services to help reduce employer costs, while saving employees time and money. Working with you, we provide turn-key solutions that can enhance any Client’s benefit plan.



ASG can provide you proven resources that help you save time, reduce your out-of-packet costs, while improving your overall quality of life. We help you and your family manage the complex health, care-giving and financial world.

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