Assimilated Strategy Group (ASG) offers proven solutions designed to help employers, employees and individuals tackle the complex world of healthcare, care-giving and wellness, while improving their customer experience.

We integrate our solutions into current benefit plans to provide maximum value. We manage the process to ensure the greatest return on investment, ease of implementation and continuous superior service. Our goal is to help employers reduce their overall spend while helping employees and their families:

  • Engage in resources that will help save time and money when healthcare and caregiving needs arise.
  • Understand how proven solutions can make a difference in their lives, through an on-going education process.
  • Become empowered to take action and become a better health and wellness consumer.
  • Demonstrate a better health and wealth strategy improves lives and our communities.
  • Ultimately ease the healthcare, caregiving, and financial burden

Whether you are an Employer, Broker, or Administrator, Assimilated Strategy Group offers affordable proven solutions that save time and money.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to improve how employees engage proven healthcare, care-giving and wellness solutions to enrich their total well-being. Our vision is to be the leading engagement company focused on helping employees change behaviors.

Our Commitment

At Assimilated Strategy Group, it is our professional responsibility to:

  • Place the interests of clients and partners ahead of our own and serve them with the highest degree of integrity, honesty, and competence.
  • Treat each client and partner with respect and dignity.
  • Be completely transparent when dealing with our clients and partners.
  • Provide each client with exceptional professional advice and guidance, superior customer service, timely responses and innovative solutions, while providing Client service in a conscientious and diligent manner.
  • Observe the highest standards of professional conduct in the course of providing advice, recommendations and other services performed for our clients.
  • Hold in strict confidence and protect all of the information acquired in the course of the relationship concerning the business and affairs of our clients. We will not divulge any such information unless authorized to do so by the Client or the legal system.
  • Improve professional and industry skills and knowledge while maintaining the required Continuing Education requirements.