Telephonic Patient Advocacy

A Telephonic Patient Advocate is an essential, compassionate and patient-first component of a Member’s benefit plan. Powered by Patient PAL, our telephonic advocacy service assists you in obtaining immediate help to navigate the healthcare and caregiving maze, with education and informed options so you can act. By calling ASG Patient Advocacy, we help reduce costs, assist you with employer and community resources and most of all provide the peace of mind knowing a compassionate unbiased advocate is working on your behalf.

ASG Patient Advocacy provides toll-free direct access to a Patient Advocate when it is needed most. We provide unbiased expertise, resources and tools to help consumers reduce their financial burden, while helping to improve the quality of care.

How we can help Members:

  • Directing and referring to appropriate specialists, centers of excellence and assisting with securing second opinions
  • Answers questions about benefits, medical tests, treatments and medications
  • Help in scheduling hard-to-access physicians
  • Finding lower cost providers and procedures and assistance with ASG Benefit tools
  • Arrangements for durable medical equipment, as needed, upon discharge from an acute care setting or skilled nursing facility
  • Assistance with locating assisted living facilities or group homes and arranging an evaluation for admission
  • Help understanding exchanges
  • Transfer of necessary medical documentation and test results, including x-ray films to a consulting physician’s appointment
  • Facilitation with hospice evaluation and services
  • Assistance in resolving errors in claim denials and/or billing issues
  • Research community resources, if necessary, to procure additional finances and services


CareOptions is a go-to source for trustworthy, unbiased information at your fingertips, including healthcare resources, wellness, prevention, early detection, care planning and elder-care for a family member. Also included is information on the Affordable Care Act navigation and insurance subsidy estimates.

This easy-to-use program offers employees a valuable but rarely offered benefit combination - an interactive care guide tool and a nationwide care resource knowledge base containing more than two million records. CareOptions® can be used anytime, anywhere internet access is available, including mobile devices, and is coupled with our Telephonic Advocacy Services to provide a comprehensive advocacy approach.


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