ASG Connection

A Single Point of Contact solution geared to streamline ASG Benefits and coordinate additional cost reduction options such as Hospital Discharge Program and Transparency Outreach. Designed for self-funded groups with a desire to reduce costs and help employees.

One call…multiple savings opportunities.

Hospital Discharge

Our Hospital Discharge Program provides a Patient Advocate to the patient and their caregiver and assists in complying with discharge orders. Within 24-48 hours after a patient's discharge the discharge notes are received and our Patient Advocate Nurse will contact the patient to go over the notes and follow up no less than 4 times the first month, after discharge. Engaging patients through the recovery process helps the patient obtain expert assistance and lowers re-admissions back in the hospital.

Disease Management

Controlling large claim costs is important to the overall success of a health plan. Labs, imaging and specialty drugs are a good percentage of dollars spent in many health plans.

Assimilated Strategy Group provides resources to help manage claim costs for serious chronic diseases. We help self-funded Employers by providing resources including:

  • Lab and Imaging Networks
  • Specialty Drug Programs
  • Surgery Network

Diabetic Monitoring Program

It is estimated that by the year 2024, nearly 1 in every 3 members of a health plan will have diabetes. In the U.S. a new diabetic is diagnosed every 30 seconds. A staggering 80% of all claims over $250,000 involve diabetics. Diabetes leads to other diseases and lowers life expectancy. Unmanaged, the costs associated with the conditions that can develop could skyrocket. Managing this disease is imperative in reducing healthcare costs.

Assimilated Strategy Group offers two programs to help manage this disease including:

  • Disease Compliance Management - We provide proactive out-reach to diabetic members and work with them to keep them compliant with testing, doctor visits, prescriptions and other medical issues that may arise.
  • Diabetic Monitor Program - Partnering with an employer's administrator or health plan, Assimilated Strategy Group provides diabetic monitors at no charge to Employees and an advocate monitoring program. Included, is management of test strips, which can reduce costs to the overall health plan.

Our Diabetic Monitor Program is a flexible approach that is easy to implement, patient centered and monitored by nursing advocates.


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