Many Americans do not have insurance through an employer, are not employed, seniors or part of an association. You and your family may struggle with rising health care costs, where to turn in a health care crisis or where to find lower cost care. ASG provide resources that help you save time and money, when you need it most.

Are you caring for a disabled love one or caring for an elderly parent? ASG has care-giving resources that you when you need it most? Are you struggling to pay medical bills. putting off treatment or picking up needed medication due to cost? ASG can provide you a Patient Advocate that works on your behalf and help you navigate the complex health world.

ASG provides you with a package of benefits to help you navigate a complex healthcare, caregiving and wellness world. Our proven solutions include:

    • Patient Advocacy
    • TeleHealth
    • Price & Quality Transparency
    • Caregiving Resources
    • Financial Education

Access to these benefits is easy through our ASG Member Portal, where your information is in one spot that can be accessed by your Smartphone, Computer or Tablet.

See how Assimilate Strategy Group can help you reduce costs and improve utilization by emailing or calling us at (888) 616-5460.


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